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    What kind of special offers would you guys like

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    Power Seller / Dealer

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    What kind of special offers would you guys like

    Post by AirTanksForSale.com on Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:32 pm

    Since you guys are a good bunch of people I've been wanting to put a special discount or offer together for on AirGunsInc readers. What (besides a special discount) would you guys like to see? Rememeber, in addition to my tanks, I sell Air Hose Assemblies for SCBA, SCUBA, Nitrogen. Just go to www.AirTanksForSale.com

    So, how about this for starters. If you mention that you are an AirGunsIn reader, I'll

    a) knock off $10 from an SCBA, DIN300, Nitrogen or SCUBA Yoke Hose Assembly.

    b) I'll include a free tank protector with a Great White order. (Notice the really nice carry handle, feet and boot I just came out with?)

    PLEASE USE THE EMAIL IN MY LOGO (AirTanksForSale with Joe@ in the beginning). My other email gets so many emails and Spam I won't see it. or call me at 714-907-0067


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    Re: What kind of special offers would you guys like

    Post by Squirrel on Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:42 pm

    Joe sent me a two shoebox fill from one. Looked like a "T". I never got to use it. Instead, I had to cannibalize it to replace all the parts I got from PA for the same job---this after 6 months of use.

    Get his parts---even if just a line, fittings (especially the fittings) they are top of the line and I've never had one break and pop me in the chest like the others, never had debris from one breaking and causing my exhaust valve on my Rainstorm to have to have the valve rebuilt, oh, so much more.

    I've not gong to have to use the gage he sent with all of this to replace the one that came with the air hog tank from PA.

    I'm not saying anything bad about PA. They are very good and I still work with them.

    But Joe's stuff is better. No doubt hand downs, Joe vs PA is no contest.

    I highly suggest you buy this air fitting and needs from Joe. This is not a fluff piece. I had to think long and hard before I put up something that PA might now like. PA people are friends of mine and I definitely don't want to piss 'em off. But the fact of the matter it's good info and that is what we are all about here.

    Just my two cents, fellows. Do with it what you will. Joe has never cut me any deals, done me any favors, none of that. He just sells and more Superior product: period.

    I said it. I'm Squirrel, AKA Abda the site founder and I stand behind these words!

    Now, Joe, if it were me, and I were you, I'd open up to the public the basic parts: Anything. We need them. I'm tired of lines breaking without extra support like yours does, I'm tired of fitting busting in use, I'm tired of this or that failure when your stuff keeps on ticking. Plain enough for you? Just the parts would be good enough for me. I cold build what I need when I need it like that.

    Just MHO, Sir.


    .22 Rainstorm highly modified
    .22 Infinity highly modified
    .25 Infinity converted from .22 Infinity highly modified
    .303 Wolverine Straight off the shelf---needs no modification!
    This is all I need for what I intend to do Folks!

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    Re: What kind of special offers would you guys like

    Post by longhunter on Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:53 pm

    i've never had a problem with joe's products, either. great customer service too.

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    Re: What kind of special offers would you guys like

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