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    Code of Conduct: Please READ !!!


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    Code of Conduct: Please READ !!! Empty Code of Conduct: Please READ !!!

    Post by Abda on Fri Apr 22, 2011 3:12 pm

    www.airgunsinc.org Code of Conduct Supplement


    First and foremost know this: those who run this forum may enforce and break the rules at will. Razz

    To have an account on the www.airgunsinc.org . Forums, you must agree to this Code of Conduct. This code of conduct applies in any and all areas of the www.airgunsinc.org forums and is a supplement to the www.airgunsinc.org Rules, which also applies here.

    The purpose of the www.airgunsinc.org . Forums is to provide support for www.airgunsinc.org, conversation and a coffee house atmosphere where we can all talk and enjoy the world of AG (air guns). We also want this to be a place where community can develop and we can enjoy one another's company. To achieve this, we strive to maintain an atmosphere that can be enjoyed by all and we ask all members of the community to be respectful at all times. This means please use etiquette and politeness. Treat people with kindness, gentleness and respect. If you do this, the rest of the code of conduct won't need more than a cursory mention.

    All posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author of each post. Those liable for the content of posts and private messages are the ones submitting the material, and not the administrators, moderators, webmaster, the www.airgunsinc.org . community, or anyone else.

    This is a moderated forum, but only in the sense that we act to deal with content that violates the forum code of conduct when we become aware of it. The staff of this forum attempt to edit or remove any objectionable or illegal material as quickly as possible. However, with the volume of activity we have on our site it is impossible to review every message.

    Users agree not to post anything abusive, rude, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, advertising or marketing related, or sexually-oriented. Material that suggests illegal activity or contains illegal content is also forbidden. Also, our forums are used by people at work and we want to ensure they will not encounter material that will cause them problems or cause their access to our site to be limited, so all content should be safe for work environments and, hopefully, family life.

    Users posting any content that violates this code of conduct may receive a warning or an infraction that creates a record of the behavior and will be connected to the account (this record is only visible by the member and staff), may have their posts edited or removed, may have their account or IP address banned temporarily or permanently, and could have a report filed against them to their internet access provider. The IP addresses of all users are recorded to provide evidence or assist in enforcing these rules.

    Posts which violate any part of this Code of Conduct may be edited or moved to a special holding area called "Off the Reservation” until they are resolved then placed in the Resolution Range where they are preserved as evidence and/or record of action taken be it good *or* bad. Any posts that are edited in content and left in its respective thread after an edit for content or infraction are copied so that the original content is preserved in the “Records and Censored Posts” in the www.airgunsinc.org Moderator’s Range and is only visible to staff members. The only exception is spam, or unapproved advertising-related posts, which are temporarily moved to the Spam Range, which is cleaned out from time to time. The "Spam Range" too is not visible to members. Hateful and flaming emails sent to the management, moderators, admin or members providing the email header along with the email sent them as a member of our site is preserved in the Moderator’s Forums, as previously stated, also not visible to members, including the header of the email for records keeping of such actions and may also be reported to the sender’s Internet Service Provider as evidence of harassment.

    Finally, you agree that forum staff have the right to remove, edit, move or close any post, topic or thread at any time they see fit following the guidelines outlined below. You agree that the staff of this forum have the right to send a private message with a warning and/or censor any forum user who is in violation of forum policy.

    Section I - General Policy:

    1. Respect the Forum Staff first and foremost at www.airgunsinc.org!
    We provide a service in our free time to keep the forums running efficiently. We are all volunteers. Feedback is welcome in the “Code of Conduct” forum and this is also the place to request assistance with forum issues. If you believe an error has been made in moderation or other staff actions, please email admin@airgunsinc.org and most importantly, post your say in the Resolutions Range and help us understand your perspective.

    2. Adult Content, Violence, Illegal Activity: Messages containing violent, sexually oriented or illegal content or links to sites with this content will either be deleted or saved in the Twilight Range as evidence. Messages with links to or suggesting illegal activity will also be deleted. Posting or linking to any of these could result in a ban.

    3. Trolling, Attacks and Flaming: These are always forbidden.

    • Trolling is posting in a way that provokes emotional responses.

    • Attacks and derogatory terms of any kind are not welcome. This includes references to other Air Gun Forums, Air Gun Dealers and Air Gun Tuners and the companies that produce them. This would be considered “bashing” and is not permitted at www.airgunsinc.org

    • Flames are messages that personally attack or call any people names or otherwise harass. These, along with any generally condescending posts will be edited or removed at the moderator’s discretion.

      If a thread is flame-bait (appears to be intended to start an argument or is likely to cause an argument rather than enhance discussion, as in trolling), it will be locked or removed without notice. Individual flame-bait comments in a post may be deleted or edited at the moderators' discretion.

    • If the thread turns into an argument, it can be closed to further comment or removed without notice. Sometimes a moderator may split the thread or delete certain portions in order to keep the discussion going, but that is not always possible since we are a staff of volunteers with limited time and numbers.

    • Gangbang Flame Attack is where one or more members will attack a member in a derogatory manner with words, insults, overzealous criticism. Posting “Dido to what “member” said will be considered an offense if a gangbang flame attack is noted in the original reference to what the member has related. This type of attack is one of special heinous nature to staff here at www.airgunsinc.org and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and a bulk ban may be placed on the participating members involved in this infraction regardless of degree of involvement.

    4. Spam (unsolicited advertising): Spam will be moved to Twilight Range in the forum Spam Range and the account posting it will likely be banned. You are allowed to have links to personal sites in your signature and in your profile, and may post them in threads on occasion (just not often, please) as long as the content of the site linked does not include material that violates this code of conduct and if you are not posting any other form of advertising.

    5. Profanity: We have users of all age groups and of all tolerance levels where profanity is concerned. A language filter is in place to catch most major forms of profanity that may accidentally be used. Do not attempt to circumvent the language filter by using variations or slight misspellings of profanities. We understand normal everyday usage of an explicative but obvious infractions are not permitted. Moderators are held to a higher standard in this regard and may not, for any reason, use profanity.

    6. Politics and Religion: These two topics have caused serious problems in the past and are now forbidden topics in the forums. Please find another venue to exercise your freedom of speech on these topics.

    7. Thread Drifting/Steering: Please keep discussions on topic. Topics that do not belong in the appropriate technically addressed forum belong in the Break Room and Off Topic Range if they fit the posted rules if they fit nowhere else in the Ranges. Do not steer a topic deliberately by engaging in fence riding manner to illicit emotional responses or otherwise stir up trouble.

    8. Report Posts: If you have found a post or receive a private message that you feel is inappropriate or that violates the forum code of conduct, please use the report function to notify staff. Do not attempt to moderate discussions or correct other users yourself.

    9. Images: Be prudent in your use of images; they may help to explain something more clearly or indicate a problem you are experiencing better but you have to remember that not everyone has the same bandwidth. If an image is the best way of handling the information, please use thumbnails or keep your image to a small size and less within this consideration. Be advised that the Hunting Range is going to have graphic content and while we are sensitive to our members, air gun hunting is about what we shoot with them and ask that if you are not comfortable visiting this Range, then politely decline to view it, quietly.

    10. Links: You may post links to sites with content that is acceptable according to this code of conduct. This is most useful when giving support and discussion and explaining a topic and then linking to a blog or other site with more information. You may also link to your personal site.

    11. Signatures: Signature content must conform to the same guidelines as all content in this code of conduct and cannot contain advertisement without the prior approval of the administration at www.airgunsinc.org.

    12. Avatars: Images must comply with the content guidelines of this code of conduct. A discreet image from your religion is permissible if it is not ostentatious, disruptive, provocative, or for the purposes of proselytizing. Political avatars are not permitted at all.

    13. Multiple Accounts: Users may only have one active account. If you feel you have justification for requiring a new account, please contact an administrator to discuss your situation. Users who have multiple accounts without approval of an administrator may be penalized or banned. Note, Moderators and Admin carry two account names so that they may participate as regular members and not moderate their own thread, sell, buy or trade under the www.airgunsinc.org banner. Moderating one's own thread is discouraged by moderators and admin but is sometimes necessary.

    14. Private Messaging: Asking support questions via private messages is strongly discouraged. It is unlikely that users will respond to these requests and it defeats the secondary intent of the forums to be a resource for people seeking assistance using internet searches and forum searches. Deliberate PMing or emailing members in an attempt to backhandedly bash or otherwise negatively affect a member's account and/or reputation here will be treated like the crime it should be and the offender’s emails and/or PMs will be made public in a not so flattering way BY STAFF, NOT BY MEMBERS.

    15. Editing of posts:When a post breaks guidelines and requires editing in order to bring it back under compliance with this Code of Conduct, the moderator should generally copy the un-edited post to the Records and Censored Posts Forum first and issue an infraction notice in the copied post and PM to the offender with it which thereby generates a copy of the original post in the staff area under the Moderator’s Range not viewable by the regular members. Only after the original post is preserved as evidence should the original post be edited. In the private message automatically sent when the infraction is issued the moderator should specify or describe which part of the Code of Conduct was broken---unless it is blatantly obvious what the infraction was at that time at which time a general warning will suffice. Additional posts made from the same member under the same subject or infraction will all be kept under the same topic within those Records and Censored Posts Threads to eliminate clutter within the forum.

    16. Thread Closing: Staff is not required to do so, but is requested to post an explanation in a thread that is closed when time permits. This is a non-exhaustive list of reasons a thread may be closed, but will give the general idea:

    • The thread has run its course and posts have begun repeating themes

    • The thread has degraded into an argument

      The thread topic is a duplicate of another current and active thread

    • The thread is very old.

    17. Off the Reservation movement of posts/thread: If a post/thread would require a lot of work to bring it into compliance, or if editing the violations would result in a nearly blank post/thread, the post/thread should be moved to the Off the Reservation Forum instead until it can be resolved and then placed in the Resolutions Range when it has been.

    18.Staff:Staff is chosen by the Forum Council and/or Moderators in joint agreement. Users who have demonstrated a consistent attitude of friendliness and kindness and who have shown a pattern of helpfulness in their posts may be contacted and invited to serve. Recommendations are made by current staff in the staff forums or other users by private message. All recommendations are considered. Due to time constraints and privacy issues the Forum Council is unlikely to comment publicly on these recommendations.

    19. Staff posting and moderating in the same thread: This is generally discouraged. Exceptions include when no one else is available or when content very clearly violates the code of conduct. This is one of many reasons why Staff has a staff/moderator account and a regular member account giving staff and only staff the right to have two accounts at www.airgunsinc.org.

    20.Appeals:If you have a complaint about a staff action or believe an action was taken in error, the process for dealing with that is to first post in the Resolution Range and a member of the Forum Council or staff such as a moderator or Admin will respond. You may appeal to the entire Forum Council if you are unsatisfied. After these avenues have been exhausted, you may open a complaint with the www.airgunsinc.org Web Master named Abda (the administrator and final deciding factor in all matters www.airgunsinc.org).

    21. Respect the privacy of our members: It is the promise of www.airgunsinc.org that personal information will not be sold, shared or otherwise made available without the specific permission of the member regardless of personal and ranking status of the Forum. DO NOT post other members personal information, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses other posting sign on names or anything else not previously granted sharing rights by either checking the appropriate box in the personal preferences in the Profile Preferences section of the current user overall profile or by posting it on your own. If that member has posted his/her email address as available to be contacted ONLY at www.airgunsinc.org , you may share that email address and that email address only at our www.airgunsinc.org forum.

    21. Part A:
    If you have posted your email address, phone number or personal address information on www.airgunsinc.org on your own by your own volition, in your personal profile or in a thread or post of your own creation, you then have made this publicly available and this is totally up to you should you decide to do so. However, having it posted elsewhere on the web does not constitute permission to have it posted by other members at www.airgunsinc.org at our forum. Permission MUST be granted by way of providing it or otherwise by omission by making that address, regardless of nature, available in your personal profile, threads or posts. Deliberate “outing” of someone due to a disagreement will be treated as a criminal offense reported to your ISP carrier and an immediate and permanent ban from www.airgunsinc.org. However, accidents will happen and we are ever mindful in this to our approach.

    22. Stalking: Harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention.This definition will include such actions carried over from other forums, regardless of nature and content of that forum. Do not join www.airgunsinc.org, The Independent Airgun Forum in order to carry on an argument, attack or otherwise Troll/Stalk a www.airgunsinc.org member because of a previous or current problem at another web site. This will get you banned. We don't care what happens on other forums. We are independent and set aside from other forums.

    23. Mad Shooting Cats and Dogs, Posting about Shooting Cats and Dogs or any other pet regardless of the nature of the animal, JOKING about shooting cats and dogs and any other pet: Date addendum added: 3/25/2012 0800 hrs Standard Eastern Time

    If you go into an airport and joke about a "bomb", it is considered a terrorist threat and is a felony offense and with good reason. Regardless of how light hearted the remark was, you could end up in the slammer and behind bars for it. The same will apply here to anything in regard to shooting cats and dogs or any other animal that is considered a pet. You wouldn't post about shooting your pet squirrel (but not the pests that you are entitled to hunt or shoot to protect your home or otherwise real property) nor would you post about shooting your pet iguana. PETA is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and is what that acronym stands for: We agree with them in this regard but not in all matters of their view of things in general. The majority of us with air guns here are hunters in some form or the other. We don't want our good sport to be maimed by slight remarks, snide remarks, or anything that would elude to anyone reading our friendly forum that we approve of such a thing. This is one offense, that regardless of how much we like you or how good a poster your are, it may get you permanently banned WITHOUT NOTICE. Although it will be taken into consideration of the intent of remarks made in this regard, you should be very aware that it may cost you your membership here by posting such things about shooting cats and dogs and things that would elicit a strong emotional response from readers anywhere in the world: Please do remember that this site is global, not local to your area and what is posted and read here is seen by the entire world, not just your city or town, your state or even just the United States, but, rather, the ENTIRE WORLD.

    If you have been put on probation, have been giving a Mod or Admin a hard time and are getting on their watch list for any reason and you make remarks in these regards of shooting or hurting pets, dogs or cats, you will have NO APPEAL, no recourse, no argument if they choose to ban you permanently. As the Site Founder, webmaster and Chief Admin of The Independent Free Thinking Airgun Forum, I will promise you that ONE thing if ever nothing else.

    I hope I make myself PERFECTLY clear on this subject. If ever you have a question of a joke will be made in good taste about shooting a cat or dog, you've answered your own question and should understand that if you have to ask, other's would too and this is not acceptable in any shape, fashion or form.

    (Thank you to the Moderator Unrepentantsinner for pointing out the need for these clarifications. Credits given.)

    Section II - Posting Tips:

    When asking for support or making posts in response and/or helping others:

    1. Search for posts on the same topic before posting a new question: Sometimes using Google to search the forums works better than our own search function. You can do so by entering your search in the Google search bar followed by site: Airgunsinc.org.

    2. If a post is older than a year or so and hasn't had a new reply in that time, instead of replying to it, create a new thread. In the Air Gun world, a lot can change in a very short time, and doing things this way makes it more likely that you will find the best information. You may link to the original discussion in the new thread if you think it may be helpful.

    3. Try to give clear, specific information in the title of your post. Also, please resist the urge to use a sensationalist, extreme, and flame-baiting title like "I've had it with www.airgunsinc.org !" "I bet you can't solve my problem" or” www.airgunsinc.org sucks".

    4. Include as many details as you can. Include as much information as you know, like pellet used, gun make, model, year made, etc. Saying “I got x yardage and a one inch group.” This doesn't’t mean much to someone that has the same gun if he doesn't’t know the pellet type and weight you were using when you did your shooting.

    5. Post a follow up with a "Thank you" or "This worked!" It's always nice to let the people that help you know that you appreciate their help and it lets future readers know the information was useful. You can also mark a thread solved as a courtesy. If you like a specific post, give that member a plus point found in the upper right hand corner in the post made by that member that will give that member Reputation Points (you don't have to post to that thread or reply to that post to affect this).

    6. When you learn something, use that knowledge to help another user later.

    7. When posting, do not assume everyone understands your intent, exactly what you are asking or that what you want is a given. More information than you request may be posted in response to your questions or inquiry and more times than not this by design and deliberate share for others that may have absolutely no idea what you are referring. If you want more specific information that will be more intuitive of your quest, please share more to get more thereby simultaneously trimming perceived superfluous information on your part. Without you saying so, we have no idea of your status in the Air Gun arena. Our efforts here are meant to help, share and teach, not make fun of you or make light of your request in a personal manner OR insult your knowledge base of Air Guns. Remember this is a global format, not a private chat: People all over the world from all walks of life have access to what is posted at www.airguns.org .

    8. Write your posts in English.

    9. Refrain from using "leet" speak or excessive or unclear slang. While most of us understand what FPE (foot pounds of energy) is, not all and especially those new to air guns and would be candidates to air gunning might not. While it is accepted and promoted to use common acronyms to Air Gunning, excessive use of many of these can be intimidating to new comers. Be willing to share their meaning if you pick up that it is not understood by another member and be kind about it as you do it. We all had a starting point at one time and if you know, then pass it along. It's what we are all about here at www.airgunsinc.org. Our posts are read by the entire internet: Not all those in the internet community are well versed in Air Gun Speak.

    10. Do not shorten your words to acronyms or abbreviations or use URL-shortening services, as is often done when texting or in a Twitter-style update. It is very difficult to read and understand and you are not limited to a small number of characters.

    11. Use color and font properties for highlighting portions of your text, and not for all of the text in your post. Please use the default font color and properties unless you need to highlight or draw attention to a part of your post. ALL CAPS is interpreted as screaming. [size]Funky[/size] non-uniform font size/color is difficult for those who are visually impaired. If you are having problems with reading the font, please adjust your browser.

    12. Do not cross post, or post the same thing in multiple locations.

    13. Do be considerate to the person asking the question or engaging in discussion. Yes, some users are harder to help and converse than others, but please be respectful to all users.

    14. Try to avoid acronyms and jargon when giving instructions or discussing Air Guns with the exception of very commonly used type such as “PSI” for pounds per square inch. And also be willing to share with a new person to Air Guns what these commonly used acronyms are.

    15. If the users' question has been covered in one of the community documents, please give them a description and the links.

    16. If you wish to remind a user to use search tools or other resources when they have asked a question you feel is basic or common, please be polite. Any replies for help that contain language disrespectful towards the user asking the question are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. This includes things like STFU (Shut the @u!& up), RTFM (Read the fracking manual), and LMGTFY (Let me Google that for you) as well as the obvious forms of disrespect.

    17. Always assume that the user is a new user unless you're certain the user is not.

    18. Wrap long outputs from commands or other text to prevent users from needing to scroll through the content inside [CODE] tags.

    19. Remember to do things the www.airgunsinc.org way. Often there is more than one solution to a problem. Choose the one you think will be the easiest for the member and the method most commonly used in the Air Gun arena.

    20. Never instruct users to do anything that might break their equipment.

    21. Explain each step of the solution. If possible, try to teach the user while giving a solution to them. If you can, post a picture. Each picture tells a thousand words. Too, teaching begets more teaching.

    22. If you're uncertain if a procedure is correct, please tell users so. If your procedure has inherent risks, please tell users what they are. High Pressure Air or HPA is VERY dangerous if not handled correctly. So are pressured springs, pellets at high velocity and in general, all safety rules should be applied with not assuming the reader is aware of what they might be.

    This code of conduct may change and evolve with time based on constructive feedback and experience. It is our hope that these policies will foster helpful, honest, and civil interaction. It is the users' responsibility to check this page for updates.

    A note on LDCs: moderators, muzzle brakes, and otherwise all known as a type of Lead Dust Collector:
    Some forums have outlawed this topic altogether. We hope we don't have to do so. You may discuss this in the context of law, opinion, and availability as in what may come with an Air Gun off the self or as standard issue. You may NOT sell them; promote sites to sell them directly or by innuendo. This is a very gray area and we have not banned this but please do be aware that we can and will if it becomes necessary. If you make them, and you want to do business selling them ONLY AIR GUN FRIENDLY, do your commerce by private email and ask your prospect to follow the Code of Conduct while doing so while you do the same. If you want to buy one, and you know a member is selling them, as long as it is AIR GUN FRIENDLY, contact that member by private email and also conduct your commerce in that manner PRIVATELY. If the laws were different on this subject we could afford to take a different stance. However, it is not only the www.airgunsinc.org forum we are trying to protect with this conduct: It is also our members that might inadvertently cross some legality issue within their own state or province we are trying to protect as well.

    These Codes of Conduct are ever evolving and are subject to change without notice. If you have questions please email admin@airgunsinc.org and we'll try to get to you as fast as we can.

    • If ever in doubt of any CODE OF CONDUCT refer to #1:

      Respect the Forum Staff first and foremost at www.airgunsinc.org!

    Thank you for your patience and please do participate as we progress and grow!

    cheers The End! cheers


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