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    Code of Conduct Update


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    Code of Conduct Update

    Post by Abda on Mon May 30, 2011 2:33 am

    In an effort to keep misunderstandings to a minimum, a new Code of Conduct has been added.

    Where it says "When asking for support” #7. had been reserved.

    It now reads:

    7. When posting, do not assume everyone understands your intent, exactly what you are asking or that what you want is a given. More information than you request may be posted in response to your questions or inquiry and more times than not this by design and deliberate share for others that may have absolutely no idea what you are referring. If you want more specific information that will be more intuitive of your quest, please share more to get more thereby simultaneously trimming perceived superfluous information on your part. Without you saying so, we have no idea of your status in the Air Gun arena. Our efforts here are meant to help, share and teach, not make fun of you or make light of your request in a personal manner OR insult your knowledge base of Air Guns. Remember this is a global format, not a private chat: People all over the world from all walks of life have access to what is posted at www.airguns.org .


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