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    Mosquito Magnet Review - See it in Action!

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    Mosquito Magnet Review - See it in Action! Empty Mosquito Magnet Review - See it in Action!

    Post by Squirrel on Wed Jul 13, 2011 7:35 am

    I'm seriously thinking about saving my hard earned pennies to get one of these. Not necessarily that particular model, but one of them just the same. I live in Charleston SC and not far from the estuaries. We have savannas, rivers, and then the ocean close by plus wooded areas in and near our home. You get this time of year with the rains, the heat and all other factors and it all equals to one hell of a mosquito heaven---or hell, depending on your side of the wings, as it were.

    Does anybody have any experience with these? What are your thoughts? I'm impressed with the amount of blood suckers he's got in that bag!

    Worth it? I think so.

    Looking for opinions and someone to help me justify the argument to the ways-and-means-committee for a saving of the cash effort . . .