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    About our Ranking System Empty About our Ranking System

    Post by Abda on Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:12 pm

    Below is our Ranking System. Users get points for number of posts made. Members also get Reputation points made by other members that like or dislike your posts. Points are on an add to, take from basis. You can get a point today in the positive and tomorrow some one cold post a negative and you'd lose a point. But your post count always climbs unless that post was deleted by staff, and, those posts count toward your next gain in rank.

    Posts and/or System

    Council Members
    Friends of the Site
    This member is a TROLL
    Entering Ranges
    Club Member at the Ranges
    Field Ranger
    Master Ranger
    Site Contributor
    Power Seller / Dealer
    Specially Ranked Master Rangers
    Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
    Members privy to the Council Range weighing site matters
    Instant Ranger-carries our logo
    Gains No Points and is a friend or family of this site
    Warning from Admin: This member is a TROLL
    300-500 *or* as special recognition for experience
    This is a contributing member
    Line of product or talent that is site friendly
    Professional Gun Smiths and Dealers

    Specially Ranked Master Rangers are our Lords and Princes of Air Guns. It would benefit you to give them great respect and many thanks should they grace you with a response to your post or thread!

    I've had a few. Now I've only got two.
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