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    Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Powder Scale 1500 Grain Capacity


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    Re: Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Powder Scale 1500 Grain Capacity

    Post by Abda on Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:41 pm

    This item is no longer for sale. It will be used in our give away promo! Keep watch! YOU could be the next winner!

    To be clear, this item is no longer available.
    Thanks for your time.

    I've had a few. Now I've only got two.
    It's all I really need!

    Ranger Plus

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    Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Powder Scale 1500 Grain Capacity

    Post by Squirrel on Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:06 pm

    Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Powder Scale 1500 Grain Capacity for Sale: $20.00

    . . . you pay shipping to anywhere in the US.

    Handy Dandy little tool to weigh your pellets on the fly. Wonder if your pellet stock is the same weight consistency? Wonder if that may be why you might have a variance on shot placement? All pellets are NOT created equal!

    Or, have you started to make your own pellets and bullets? This scale should weigh the heaviest you'll make! Check out your work with this little handy dandy little gizmo that will tell you each shot weight as you go: No power cords needed!
    Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Powder Scale .jpg
    Never been opened, never been used, Brand Spanking new!
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    (14 Kb) Downloaded 3 times

    .22 Rainstorm highly modified
    .22 Infinity highly modified
    .25 Infinity converted from .22 Infinity highly modified
    .303 Wolverine Straight off the shelf---needs no modification!
    This is all I need for what I intend to do Folks!

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