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    archery as i have been in it


    Club Member of the Ranges
    Club Member of the Ranges

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    archery as i have been in it

    Post by donwalk on Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:19 pm

    got my first serious bow in 1979 from Rube Powell (if any of you out there remember him)

    since then, it's been bow after bow up until the last 10 or so years when i began to get away from the "wheels" and stay with 'traditional' recurves and longbows.

    I've bow hunted and shot up to national level, competitively.

    I'm now shooting 40-45 lb recurves and longbows as i can no longer draw heavier draw weight. i find them more than adequate to meet my needs, though.

    i don't shoot as much as i used to; age and visits from "Arthur" (arthritis) in my hands now require i use a mechanical release aid.

    getting old is NOT for sissies! Suspect Rolling Eyes Wink Smile

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    Re: archery as i have been in it

    Post by Abda on Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:50 am

    Going over some unanswered posts I found this one.

    You are an inspiration to guys like me, Brother.

    Also got me to thinking about a bow of my own. I've got a place to go now, when I can afford to take the trip, that would be great for a bow.

    Got any suggestions for me?

    If getting old is not for sissies, I guess I'm not one!

    I am of the rank and title of age that I can officially hold my shaking fist in the air toward the those young rude hoodlums and declare, with conviction and anger, "you young whipper snappers!"

    I've had a few. Now I've only got two.
    It's all I really need!


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