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    So, i decided to get back into traditonal archery


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    So, i decided to get back into traditonal archery

    Post by nyhunter on Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:32 am

    Back when i got started into archery (over 30 yrs ago) i started with a youth recurve, and moved to adult recurves and compounds rather quickly. In high school, i got into 3d competition and basically hung up the recurve and concentrated solely on compounds. I killed my first deer, first few actually, with the stick bow , not to mention tons of small game and even pheasants on the wing before the modern bug got me. Needless to say, about 25 yrs later, I have come full circle. I have had all the latest, greatest compounds that come out every year, and all the extra add on crap that goes with them. Recently, (maybe it is age, I don't know! LOL) I have a desire to just get back to basics and keep it simple, so I ordered a cheap takedown recurve with money I got from an airgun sale. I got it with 45 lb limbs (i shoot a 70lb compound) because traditional bows use a whole other group of muscles that i have not worked in a long time! beauty of the bow is that i can simply change out the limbs later for  heavier draw, for about 70 bucks. I have shot it some and it is all coming back quickly (the whole no sight instinctive thing) and i am doing pretty good out to about 20yds so far. I am hoping to get good enough with it to use it for turkey this spring when the season opens. I will get some pictures up of the setup later.

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