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    Wolverine 303

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    Wolverine 303

    Post by Squirrel on Sun Sep 22, 2013 11:58 am

    Well, it's been a long time coming but I finally got my Wolverine 303 up and shooting good. And I do mean good!

    My problem with the AG was that I really didn't have the time nor place to locate a place I could set the darn thing up. My goad was to set it up for 50 yards plus on a zero. I just couldn't do that around my parts so I ended up having someone else do it. Good thing I did too as Will from Saddle Mountain Gunsmith found a few flaws from the assembly line he adjusted/repaired, etc. I also had an extended arm Bi Pod put on it thinking I'd need it while still hunting.

    But I've rethought that now 'cause, folks, let me tell you, this is a BIG AG. It's a tree limb if you want to know the truth. But my gosh, this thing is accurate! I found the first zero just happened to be around 25 yards or so. I don't think I'll ever end up accidentally getting closer than that to the hog I dream of one day taking out with it. According to Will, anything between 50 and 60+ yards is a dead on shot too.

    I've always had an aversion to electronics in an air gun. To me, and I only speak for myself as I'm sure others don't care one way or the other, because to me, and I do stress *ME* it's like cheating.

    I think I'll end up getting that RS 2 in 9mm and let Will do his magic with it and call it quits on the collection. Now I have  a RS 1 in 22 (my go to squirrel popper) that has been highly modified for sound, for accuracy and a host of other things I can even begin to list here. Then there is my .22 Infinity that is pretty much the same way. Then I've got a .22 Infinity coverted to a .25 caliber and to me it's a work of pure art. Certainly a work of cost! He, he!

    So now, I've got four of them. I've sold off the others. My goal was to cover a certain caliber range for reasons of my own. It took some time and a lot of mistakes by yours truly that saw me spending a lot of bad after bad decision even with a gun smith to help me make the AGs better. So now, I have these four and I am happy to have them. I do think that when time and cash allow, this next RS 2 will be the last one I get. I'm going to follow a rule I've seen a lot of you and others out there stipulate: Full collection means that if one is added then one from collection has to go.

    This Wolverine is dead, dead, dead on! I mean hole in hole! I can even make it go just off the last hole a little to make sure that the last shot I took was actually where I was aiming. Now that is something, eh? But, of course, I was only using 25.5 yards. I can wait to get it out some place where I can test out the 50 to 60 yard accuracy. I figure the distances of 50 to 60 is still enough ft lbs of energy to, with proper shot placement, take out a hog or something bigger.

    But it does have a slight kick to it. It's something else, this one. I've decided to take all that don't need off of it to lighten it up some and just deal with a sling. I'll always find, or be able to find, something lean it on if I can't do a free hand shot, which, by the way, I'm pretty darn good at, if I do say so my self.

    Well, I had some time.

    Tom or Guy, one of you guys make sure this topic is NOT locked, okay? It would appear to me to be that way and I don't want others to think that. Mind the favor?

    Thanks all. I said I'd let on about my Wolverine when I got it finished and had the time. What little I have right now is dealing with a passing 81 years young better friend I have and some probate issues with my late father's estate and the really expensive guy I have working on my house to get the wife and I ready for retirement.

    You guys all take care! Straight shooting to you all!

    .22 Rainstorm highly modified
    .22 Infinity highly modified
    .25 Infinity converted from .22 Infinity highly modified
    .303 Wolverine Straight off the shelf---needs no modification!
    This is all I need for what I intend to do Folks!

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    Post by ORairgunner on Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:08 pm

    Good on you Squirrel, hole in hole accuracy always makes me feel good.                                Regards, Tom

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    Post by nyhunter on Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:57 pm

    glad you finally got her going brother.Drinking Beer  now get out there and git yourself a pig with her!!! i think it is going to be a bit much on nutters in the backyard!Razz

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    Re: Wolverine 303

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