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    About shooting Dogs and Cats added COC


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    About shooting Dogs and Cats added COC

    Post by Abda on Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:50 am

    23. Mad Shooting Cats and Dogs, Posting about Shooting Cats and Dogs or any other pet regardless of the nature of the animal, JOKING about shooting cats and dogs and any other pet: Date addendum added: 3/25/2012 0800 hrs Standard Eastern Time

    If you go into an airport and joke about a "bomb", it is considered a terrorist threat and is a felony offense and with good reason. Regardless of how light hearted the remark was, you could end up in the slammer and behind bars for it. The same will apply here to anything in regard to shooting cats and dogs or any other animal that is considered a pet. You wouldn't post about shooting your pet squirrel (but not the pests that you are entitled to hunt or shoot to protect your home or otherwise real property) nor would you post about shooting your pet iguana. PETA is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and is what that acronym stands for: We agree with them in this regard but not in all matters of their view of things in general. The majority of us with air guns here are hunters in some form or the other. We don't want our good sport to be maimed by slight remarks, snide remarks, or anything that would elude to anyone reading our friendly forum that we approve of such a thing. This is one offense, that regardless of how much we like you or how good a poster your are, it may get you permanently banned WITHOUT NOTICE. Although it will be taken into consideration of the intent of remarks made in this regard, you should be very aware that it may cost you your membership here by posting such things about shooting cats and dogs and things that would elicit a strong emotional response from readers anywhere in the world: Please do remember that this site is global, not local to your area and what is posted and read here is seen by the entire world, not just your city or town, your state or even just the United States, but, rather, the ENTIRE WORLD.

    If you have been put on probation, have been giving a Mod or Admin a hard time and are getting on their watch list for any reason and you make remarks in these regards of shooting or hurting pets, dogs or cats, you will have NO APPEAL, no recourse, no argument if they choose to ban you permanently. As the Site Founder, webmaster and Chief Admin of The Independent Free Thinking Airgun Forum, I will promise you that ONE thing if ever nothing else.

    I hope I make myself PERFECTLY clear on this subject. If ever you have a question of a joke will be made in good taste about shooting a cat or dog, you've answered your own question and should understand that if you have to ask, other's would too and this is not acceptable in any shape, fashion or form.

    (Thank you to the Moderator Unrepentantsinner for pointing out the need for these clarifications. Credits given.)

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