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    Long range testing the Royale 500


    Field Ranger
    Field Ranger

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    Halfway to a Royale Flush

    Post by roachcreek on Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:03 pm

    Well the brown truck finally wound it way up my driveway yesterday at 4:45 PM with my new Royale 500 and the Hawke scope.

    I put the hawke to the side and quickley mounted my Leupold 4.5x14 VXIII LR SF 30 MM with the Hollands reticle, set up the chrony and saw where it was set at, which was 870 with Kings.

    I only had about 40 minutes to shoot before taking the wife and a friend out to dinner, but I took the rilfe out of the stock and turned up the power a half turn and found it shooting at 985 to 995, way too high for what I wanted.

    This morning I woke up to the sound of wht can only be discribed as a wek Typhoon pouring rain down here in the rainforst that is known as western Oregon, but I had a new Royale, so what is a guy to do?

    Shoot, and shoot I did. I set up the Chrony and after adjustments, got it down to around 890 FPS and fired 5 magazines thre it at 40 yards to see how the shot string was.

    5- 11 shot magazines averaged 900,887,898,888,872 which is 45 FPE. At 40 yards they were cutting one ragged hole with a rain induced flyer down and to either the right or left of 4 out of 5 groups. Even at that the groups ere in the 3.4 to 1/2 inch range.

    If I have those flyers in the bright sunshine I will be concerned but for now I will blame them on the deluge.

    Intial impresions is that it is a big oversized Royale 400. Same easy to adjust superb trigger, same stange magazine to load, a little tighter that my Royale 400 magazine, but I have modded it for funtction.

    I will post more when we get the Ark loaded up or the rain stops. Shocked



    Field Ranger
    Field Ranger

    Posts : 74
    Join date : 2011-06-28

    Long range testing the Royale 500

    Post by roachcreek on Fri Mar 16, 2012 9:19 pm

    Today the weather gave me a break and allowed me to shoot past 40 yards and not risk drowning. It rained an inch yesterday and I could not get the performance I knew the rifle was capable of.

    So when I got a two hour break in the rain today I jumped on it. I set up targets at 50, 102 and 150 yards, The 102 yard target just happend to be where my grape bin I used as a rest happened to be in relation to the target.

    All shooting was done from the top of a grape bin off of front and rear Caldwell bags, using a single shot adapter and Kings. I had a slight left to right wind of 1 to 2 MPH.

    I did not shoot much at 50 yards, other than to get a 50 yard zero, but did manage some .39 to .50 inch 5 shot groups.

    I sighted in at 102 yards and shot several groups, a lot of them were 1.5 inches, one .80 and one 1 inch group.

    As I shot more and learned how the rifle liked to be held, the groups improved, a learning curve I suppose.

    The last group I had shot 5 shots into 1/2 inch, but thought I had dropped a shot about 4 inches low. The target was getting crowded with groups and I realized later that it was a sighter from when sighting in on one of my first groups.

    I will shoot a 6th shot on a 5 shot group at long range when I think it is not me or the wind, but Diablo pellet design flaws or pellet flaws resulting in pellet spiraling, it is a advantage I give myself for being too lazy to sort my pellets.

    So when I had that 1/2 inch group going and had 5 shots into it, I fired another 6th shot, and it went right into the 1/2 inch making it a 6 shot 1/2 inch group.

    I also shot at 150 yards, the rifle consisitantly put 5 shots into 4.5 inches several times, once I thought I had a good group going with 3 shots into an inch, but the next two went back into that 4.5 inches again. With a 100 yard zero, the 150 yard POA is right on the 24 MOA mark on the Hollands reticle, very handy.

    I don't gamble at all, I never play poker, so this is as close to a Royale Flush I will ever get.



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    Re: Long range testing the Royale 500

    Post by Abda on Sat Mar 17, 2012 9:15 am

    I especially like the educational benefit of you sharing the "Royall Flush" point of view!

    I've had a few. Now I've only got two.
    It's all I really need!


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    Re: Long range testing the Royale 500

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