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    does anyone have any interest in having a postal match?


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    does anyone have any interest in having a postal match?

    Post by nyhunter on Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:43 pm

    First topic message reminder :

    honor system, make up a few different categories. you scan your target or take a pic with a measuring device included, and post them here.just a thought to pass the time, and have a bit of fun. if any one is interested, speak your mind. we could do pistol, springer, pcp, and big bore, and at different ranges, just to name a few. any other ideas welcomed!
    Entering the Ranges
    Entering the Ranges

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    count me in

    Post by maraudernwalker on Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:30 am

    I would love to do this with you guys to I see the table is set pretty high so this will be a blast. Will be out at the range later today to check out mods made this week.

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    Re: does anyone have any interest in having a postal match?

    Post by Abda on Fri Aug 09, 2013 8:21 am

    Well, guess what? The VA FINALLY got my chair lift for my electric chair!

    It's a whole new world out there for me now. My last entries were of pretty short range. I should be signing in as Squirrel, my user name but time is short and didn't want to log out and back in on this topic.

    I've sent two of my go-to AGs in for slight repairs to Will Piatt of Saddle Mountain Gun Smith----he is my highest recommendation, and all that know me know I feel this way: He's tried and true and a good friend as well as great costumer service.

    I've finally got one that will shoot up to 100 yds: or is supposed to. I haven't had the opertunity to get out of my house to a range that will let me test it out. But my Wolverine is *supposed* to get out that far.

    I'm not one for lobbing out to distances of 100 yards: The energy retained is not enough for a kill at that distance, say, with a Rain Storm or an Infinity. (Yep, I'm on the dark side) But forty yards with one of these is a good kill with consideration of what it is that I'm aiming to hit. So target and paper, to me, isn't all that this is all about (in regard to our friendly competition)

    Although I've made one, maybe two entries? Those are at distances I feel that I could make a kill because, after all, these are hunting AGs, to me, at least.

    But longhunter? and a couple of others here? They are GOOD, people. Shot placement is very critical in what you hunt and these guys can really, as you've already seen, raise the bar!

    But I'm working on it though!

    Taking me some time to get time and the equipment to get my old broke up body out there but out there I will get!

    Have fun my air gun brothers! Green wtih Envy 

    Abda, site founder, webmaster and chief admin---where the buck stops here for the new guys that don't know me. My member name is Squirrel---as I shoot a LOT of them 'round my place.

    I've had a few. Now I've only got two.
    It's all I really need!


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    Re: does anyone have any interest in having a postal match?

    Post by longhunter on Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:39 am

    glad to see things finally working out with the VA. been a while since i've been here, other than just lurking.
    got me two new guns, i've been working with. first is a hatsan/webley patriot.25 cal.. that thing is an absolute BEAST to get a handle on. first chance i get, i'm gonna gas ram it. that way, i get to keep the power and lose the torque. that heavy spring torques so hard, it jerks the gun out of your hands.
     second, i got a hatsan 125 sniper w/vortex gas ram, in .22 cal.. that gun is accurate. it came in the mail yesterday. took it to the range to get her broke in. after i figured out how it liked to be held, i managed a 30 shot group that was smaller than a dime at 25 yds..
    can't wait to see what she'll do at longer ranges.
    will keep you posted.
    later gators.

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    Re: does anyone have any interest in having a postal match?

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