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    Addtion of the scrolling banner


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    Addtion of the scrolling banner

    Post by Abda on Mon May 30, 2011 1:38 pm

    Admin has added the scrolling banner to the top of the home page at www.airgunsinc.org.

    What is posted there will change. At a later date, durations for what is posted there and why will have some guidelines but, for now, it is without limits, long or short and determined solely by staff. If you see that something has been removed, we may feel that the notice has run its course, may no longer be applicable or, in truth, feel that people have had enough of it and would rather not be reminded of something that has been well communicated.

    Introductions of new members of distinction, special help for special requests from members, events and items of particular note will be posted there. This is a place of honor here at www.airguns.org. Nothing derogatory will ever be posted in it.

    Introductions will eventually be limited by a time in days, weeks or what works for us all. As we grow, this will be determined by consensus and/or need to include availability.

    If you have a situation that you feel is a good candidate for the banner, please feel free to mention it in the appropriate venue or by contacting Admin or a Mod. Availability for use will be determined by value and on a first come first serve bases.

    Of course, if you see your name, sign on, or anything about your membership here and you think or feel that this is not something you'd wish to have happen, just say so and we'll accept your request to decline the position of honor and remove you pronto.

    At anytime we are welcome to suggestions that something be removed from the banner for any reason including mere personal preference. We may not agree with you but we are always willing to hear what our members think and feel.

    Suggestions are always welcome.

    Thanks for making note of this post.


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