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    Advertisement update


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    Advertisement update

    Post by Abda on Sun May 29, 2011 11:00 am

    This is an update to the Advertisment Permissions:

    This is not applicable to those already promoting their wares on www.airgunsinc.org . These members already active in advertisment will be grandfathered into this agreement.

    Regardless, you’re going to have to earn it.

    From this point forward, you'll have to be at least a "Club Member" to be able to advertise your wares in Air Guns or anything else, Air Gun or no, at www.airgunsinc.org . Of course, as the Administrator, I personally reserve the right to circumvent this application for those I consider that are well known in their own right or have otherwise exampled to me personally that their membership is of worthy asset. There are at least two in the Air Gun world I know right now, without a doubt, that would be exempt from this requirement should they honor us with their membership and/or advertisement.

    While this *does* promote posting and helping others at our friendly site, it *also* gives our members a chance to meet you, get to know you and exactly who you are. By the same token, you'll also get a chance of how best to formulate your strategy on your marketing plan. You may just want to put a signature at the end of your posts, exampled as what like what Rob Hawkins of Spring Gun Tunes has applied when and after you've made Club Membership at the Ranges. Or, you may want to be more advantageous with a complete post as a stand alone, all your own with more specifics about your market specialty in the appropriate forum.

    This does not apply to the single member trying to sell off, say, a hand pump like I'll be doing sometime soon, or, say an Air Rifle for sale or trade. This is geared more to those that actually have a business, single person or multiple employees.

    We hope that this does not put a cramp in your view of us and/or deter you from helping out members and or advertising to our members. Most sites have much more involved and, even, fee based methods of accepting advertisement. The generosity of airgunsinc.org is always at the ready for anything Air Guns and is designed to promote Air Gunning in any way possible and we hope you will agree that this requirement is a positive aspect as you'll start off with firm footing at a place you can always be rest assured you'll be welcome as a brother in Air Guns as well as a business owner.

    The usual disclaimer is applicable here: Yes, as with all things at www.airgunsinc.org, these and all other issues like it is subject to change without notice at the discretion of Administration.

    As with accordance of the Code of Conduct, bashing a Seller, business or individual member, is something very taboo at this forum. If you, as a seller, or buyer, or even another well known and respected Air Gun Site, has complaint issues about the commerce you are engaged, past or present, at this time, post your concerns to Admin or Mods first and well investigate, help you find an arbitration by way of mediation and, if necessary, find a venue for your public opinion. We really expect the best in our members and until it becomes necessary to do so, there will be no forum for complaints or reports about a seller or buyer good or bad or otherwise Air Gun forum. Let the word of mouth be your guide and best advocate.

    A word about other Air Gun Forums: We are not in competition with other Air Gun forums. Intead, we are a variety of the many and meant to add spice to what is already available. Please don't disrepect these other forums here. That's not what we are about. Linking back to other forums is encouraged: Especially if they have something of value to contribute to www.airgunsinc even if they are not of Air Gun content.


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