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    RWS Career Carbine .25 Caliber

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    RWS Career Carbine .25 Caliber

    Post by Squirrel on Sun Aug 21, 2011 12:24 pm

    Wondering if anyone might have some hands on with with the RWS Career .25 Carbine. Question

    This is a wonderfully light and well balanced Air Rifle. It's so surprising to pick this one up after having say, a Sumatra 2500 500cc Air Reservoir in your hands scoped out. It's like when you played medicine ball with the guys in the gym and then picked up a basket ball---wow! is the term that comes to mind.

    I got two of these as a matching set.I've also got the .22 version of the same air rifle. cheers

    But due to HPA supply issues, lack of funds for pellet experimentation and all that stuff, I had tabled them to tackle at another time. That time has come and I'm in a snit to get them lined out.

    Anybody have hands on with this one?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! If not, some advice would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Like, will it ever be a long range shooter? Like say at 35 to 50 yards? Best not to scope it or to put one on it?

    What kind of ammo? keep it light or keep it heavy?

    Best and magic pellet that the bullet stop will allow in it? Combo ammos that will fit the same bullet stop adjustment?

    Best place for the power wheel when starting off?

    Most all take about 2 bar in HPA fill, but, actually, some like a little less or a little more: How about his one?

    I think I could use the help of an expert here if I can't get some hands on experience to report back on what they know. scratch

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! But I'll take anything I can get in the way of suggestions! Trust me, I'm starting out from scratch on this one so I can only go up from here on it!

    .22 Rainstorm highly modified
    .22 Infinity highly modified
    .25 Infinity converted from .22 Infinity highly modified
    .303 Wolverine Straight off the shelf---needs no modification!
    This is all I need for what I intend to do Folks!
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    Re: RWS Career Carbine .25 Caliber

    Post by grizzlyadams on Sat Feb 11, 2012 11:58 am

    i have several career carbines. one in22, 20, and two in 25cal. one of the 25s i just traded to nomadic pirate. mine shoot eun jin domes really well and thats all ive ever shot out of them. as for power, ive dropped two coyotes with the 25 at a bit over 50yds. one shot to the gourd... drt! they handle nicely and are light. mine is scoped with a 3x9x40 mil dot centerpoint. the one i traded had a 5x15 (a bit overly big for the gun) but i used it to great effect on woodchucks out past 70 yards! they are a great compact accurate sledge hammer with fast follow ups if you need them. i also have several of the rifle versions and they are my choice when i'm stand hunting. they are bulky but more power and more shots. i have my 22cal long set up to shoot cp at 900fps and from a fill, 30plus shots, the needle barely moves. the carbines get far less shots. iirc, a full clip of pellets at high power is about all thats useable from the 25 carbine on high power, plenty for my needs! i say if you can find one jump on it, you won't regret it if you hunt anything larger than squirrels and bunnies! Twisted Evil
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    Re: RWS Career Carbine .25 Caliber

    Post by grizzlyadams on Sat Feb 11, 2012 12:45 pm

    i never really messed with fill pressures or shot counts as the hunting i do doesn't present many shots. i always ran the 35 carbine at full because i just sight my pcps in and hunt with them. i shoot springers and co2 for plinking and target groups. to me a pcp is too easy for that Embarassed.
    Field Ranger
    Field Ranger

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    Re: RWS Career Carbine .25 Caliber

    Post by StubExt on Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:02 pm

    " i just traded to nomadic pirate. " Holy shipping costs....


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    Re: RWS Career Carbine .25 Caliber

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