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    Rights to advertise on airgunsinc.org


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    Rights to advertise on airgunsinc.org

    Post by Abda on Fri May 27, 2011 12:35 pm

    I've been asked this enough that I should take some time to explain:

    Yes, it does say that most are not allowed to advertise on this web site and spam, especially, is strictly forbidden.

    However, this site is geared toward the new to the well experienced and especially the small business owner in Air Gunning.

    You will see some small businesses advertise their wares on this site and this is done with the approval of the administration. These business, large or small, have exampled themselves to be something that we'd like to promote here at www.airgunsinc.org. They do have permission.

    It will be clear what is spam and what is not. If you have any doubts about what is spam, then just report the post or ask us. We'll be glad to share with you if it actually is or if they've gotten permission from staff to post and link back to their respective business. A good example of us promoting such businesses can be found at the bottom of our home page at www.airgunsinc.org : You'll see "Saddle Mountain Gun Smith: Git it Tuned!". Will Piatt is an excellent gun smith with exceptional knowledge and skills in what he does and many of us in the Air Gun Arena have used his services. But say another Gun Smith of the same type of trade offering were available: With our permission, he too could find his name at the bottom of our home page as well as linking back to his web site from ours. Too, he could post his wares in the appropriate forum.

    The attitude of this air gun forum is such that if you are into air guns, of any measure, have a skill set that you can offer, even for a price, you are more than welcome and even encouraged to offer your services here to our members. Competition will occur, and that’s a good thing but we will not ban or exclude any other would be member because of any type of competition or personal disagreement. That’s EXACTLY the kind of thing, as one of my moderators explained to me; we are trying to get away from here at www.airgunsinc.org . This site will NOT be about who fits in or “clicks”. All are welcome and all are part of the brotherhood of Air Guns as far as we are concerned. As a matter of fact, if you’ve been banned at other forums, we think you’d find a good fit here. At least, we hope so and as with all our members, this depends on how you conduct yourself.

    Regardless, you may have an offering that is not exactly air gun related. All though we think there isn't much life beyond air guns, we do realize that some of you may think otherwise. This is also welcome and there is a forum just for that off the main road type of posting. It’s called The Break Room at the Range You may have a couch for sale, a car part or even the car its self for sale. You can post your content at this Range without worry if because it isn’t air gun related that it is still welcome. It will be and is especially created for such purposes. Too, you may just want to have a chat about nothing in particular and that is welcome as well: It's what it was created for.

    I hope this answers the questions and concerns previously asked.

    Thanks for choosing www.airgunsinc.org!


    Some of our page banners for other sites will be noted. These site are either part of an affiliate program that benefits our respective web sites or, participate in a barter type program or are one of the featured web sites we may choose from time to time at our discretion simply because we just like the site and/or think it a good place for our visitors and members to be aware.

    Each case of page banner is handled individually and is not to be compared to what another pays, barters or otherwise. We put those site banners up at our discretion and we think it a place of honor so honor us the same way and respect this opertunity for the advantage it can be to both www.airgunsinc and your respective site. We will NOT discuss what others pay, what another affiliate has bid for the space or how or what another banner has agreed in barter.

    For the most part, we are a forum: Not an advertising agency. We are non profit and all monies received from any productivity of this site goes RIGHT BACK INTO THIS WEB SITE AT WWW.AIRGUNSINC.ORG to furhter aid our air gun brothers.

    If your web site banner has been activated as a trial run, the member or controlling factor of your organization must contact us within 48 hours to give approval at which time your individual agreement begins in earnest.

    We reserve the right to remove, for what ever reason we wish, any site ad, banner, or otherwise from our site.

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