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    Lubed spring gun pellets


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    Lubed spring gun pellets Empty Lubed spring gun pellets

    Post by 07condor22 on Sat Jul 23, 2011 11:55 am

    My RWS 34P rebuild is complete and it was a tremendous success! If you decide to do this by yourself I recommend using a spring compressor-or have a friend push the trigger group retaining pins into the compression tube?

    Idid the initial break in with some crosman
    premier heavy paper box pellets and it didn't like 'em! Off the rest I
    could hold about an inch at 30 yards. I just ordered some JSB Diabolo
    Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.2 Grains, Domed, 500ct and tried some off the
    rest. Now these were the ticket, could hold 1/2inch off the rest and
    close to that offhand at 30yards. I ordered from Straight Shooters,
    simply the best price, I could find?




    Ilubed a box of the JSB Heavies with some Finish line-Krytech, a dry
    moly-teflon chain lube. I have had good luck before and it didn't let me
    down today. Didn't test 'em on the bench, but my off hand plinking
    proved dead on! Allow ample time for Krytech to dry or cure, in liquid
    form it's extremely flammable!


    say don't lube spring gun pellets, but John Wiscombe, who built the
    most powerful spring guns of his time recommended lube and invented
    wiscombe honey? I'm still learning and I can rebuild or replace my gun
    should it not work out. I think light pellets and my ignorance destroyed
    the first spring and with lubed heavy pellets may do the same again? Rolling Eyes

    Telling my friends I could make a sonic boom with a pellet from my
    spring and proving it, made the looks of disbelief-all most worth
    it-would first shoot a heavy pellet and then shoot a Gamo gimmick gold
    raptor pellet to make the boom. Little did I know it was destroying my
    spring. And these pellet contain iron or nickel. Get a good strong
    speaker or magnetron magnet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YZuxEtzD9c
    and wave it over the Raptor pellets and watch 'em dance? I don't think
    they're good for my barrel, either way my spring broke prematurely Sad

    Sam sunny

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    Lubed spring gun pellets Empty Re: Lubed spring gun pellets

    Post by Abda on Sat Jul 23, 2011 12:07 pm

    Excellent post!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Check ur points! That's how impressed I am!

    Anyway, your link to the magnets issue is the following that I felt would be good to post here. But, I have something to add about that I'll get to later on here.