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    Fixed power vari parallax for Spring Guns



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    Fixed power vari parallax for Spring Guns

    Post by 07condor22 on Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:25 am

    If you use a fixed power scope with variable parallax on your springer, I'd like you to post how long been using and what brand/s name. The good and bad experiences and would you recommend it for a RWS 34P?

    I'm looking at the SWFA SS 6x42 or 10x42 rear focus/parallax models and now am favoring the 6x model for it,s wider field of view. These two have min parallax of 10 meters and not 10 yards, but that's close enough for me. I currently own a SS 10x42 and it's my workhorse scope.



    Just talked to the Nice Folks @ SWFA and was assured they're 'Spring gun Rated'?

    I not out to break the bank and am not looking into the less than 200 $ market?

    Sam sunny

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    SWFA SS 10x42 on my 34P

    Post by 07condor22 on Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:16 am

    Well the SWFA 10x42 Rear Parallax has won by default. I took it off my Varmint Rifle, because I've not seen any Groundhogs? I'm getting reports of 'em being seen running into the brush, but not seen one yet! I've seen quite a few rabbits, adults and young and squirrel now and then. I don't take the rabbits or squirrels, they cause no problems here on the farm, and the Rabbit hunter's run Beagles to hunt during Rabbit Hunting Season.

    10x is abit more than I need, but I used it on my Condor and it works just great for Bug Busting and Plinking.

    This also leaves me short of a Varmint Scope and I can bide my time choosing another scope for my springer or varmint rifle sunny

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    Re: Fixed power vari parallax for Spring Guns

    Post by Squirrel on Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:26 pm

    I've been using this one

    since the first part of this year. What's that? About 6 to 8 months? It includes unmounted 3-9x44AO blue-illuminated scope with duplex reticle & matte finish + scope mount. I had to do away with the mount and am still of the opinion that the mount was part of a problem.

    The Walther Falcon I have isn't technically a springer since it uses a Nitro Piston but, the action, nevertheless, is very much "spring" for all accounts and purposes.

    And, to make a point, this package that I got? It broke the scope. No two ways about it and the company that makes the scope agreed with me because they accepted the broken scope in return for a new one that they sent me.

    What I found is that, no matter how much I tightened the screws, it would keep inching back wards throwing off my zero. I was confounded as to what the deal was being so new to the world of Air Guns. But, I muddled through it.

    I changed the mount system on it and used a Beeman Mount like what is up for the giveaway in the Scope and Mounts Drawing and another thing I did differently was use the plate behind the mount bracket as shown in the pic below . . .

    Using this plate really helped out a lot!

    Really, I duped myself when I got it thinking it had a side wheel AO adjustment. Look out for that. Don't just assume that side wheel there is AO like I did. But I'm green so I can do that, admit it, and, then not look too awfully bad Very Happy

    Nonetheless, it's been a good scope that was within my reach at the time I got it. Probably nothing you'd consider. But you'd asked for what we used and how long we'd had it so I figured I'd answer the call. If nothing else, you'll pick up my mistakes and what I ran into with a spring action type air gun.

    What I got from my experience is it is like a board or piece of concrete you'd want to break in reverse consideration to our purposes: Say, if I had this piece of concrete slab I wanted to break, and it was firmly in place upon the ground, and, if I had access to do so, I'd first dig under the concrete to give my energy a place to continue and pass through the concrete. If I did not do this, the blow I'd give it with a sledge hammer would pretty much bounce off and only the first few measurements in depth of the concrete would actually absorb the impact. I'd have to break little pieces off the concrete and therefore actually "dig a hole" in the top of the concrete as I made my strikes to it.

    The easiest way to break off a chunk of concrete is to make sure that there is nothing behind it so the energy thrown at it has a place to go completely through through the target thereby breaking off a piece.

    Now, if we take that same concept and apply it to my problem with the aforementioned scope BEFORE I put the plate and better mounts on it, my scope had places to go and a "hole behind the concrete" as it were. It had every reason to break. But I was using what came with it and I know for a fact I'd had the thing tightened down right so I'll pass the buck on that part.

    But, when I put the plate on it and used the different mounts, the thing quit moving and it didn't break the scope either. My work done! Tada!

    With any springer, this may be an obvious concept that you want to keep in mind as it's not something that is a knee jerk response to me, it may catch you off guard too. Good mounts are just as important as a good scope!

    Don't give it a place to run and a place to let the energy to pass on to your scope parts!

    The other thing worth mentioning here is that my Walther Falcon Hunter has that shock absorption kit in it too. Now, imagine what it would be like if I didn't have that to help protect my scope!

    And, part of the reason I won't be thinking of putting a high dollar scope on it for a while!

    Hope this has been of some help!

    .22 Rainstorm highly modified
    .22 Infinity highly modified
    .25 Infinity converted from .22 Infinity highly modified
    .303 Wolverine Straight off the shelf---needs no modification!
    This is all I need for what I intend to do Folks!

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    Club Member of the Ranges

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    Re: Fixed power vari parallax for Spring Guns

    Post by josh3rd on Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:36 pm

    is the swfa springer rated?  i love a fixed power scope.  saves some math. never mind, just over read my answer.  but how about the rear parallax adjustment??? I love it, by the looks i mean.  beats reaching way forward.

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    Re: Fixed power vari parallax for Spring Guns

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