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    Drawing Anouncement!


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    Drawing Anouncement! Empty Drawing Anouncement!

    Post by Abda on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:26 am

    Hi Brothers in Air Guns! We are proud and excited to annouce some of the comming


    R&L Airgun Supply Inc. in conjucntion with The Free Thinking Air Gun Forum (TIFTAF) at www.airgunsinc.org is sponsoring the below items. You can contact R&L there by clicking on their name of R&L Airggun Supply at the first of this paragraph for more information on theses products and their other great deals in Airgun Supplies. You can email R&L by clicking on the following link to order on line as well: rlairgun@socolo.net

    First we have a scope. *A* scope, fellas! Not both. If you win the drawing, you'll get your pick of either one!

    Next also from R&L Airgun Supply we have the follwing but, again, fellas, you only get ONE not all three! You get your choice!
    How's THAT for a deal!

    The next prize we will be offering is the following:

    R&L Airgun Supply Inc., in a joint offer, is also going to match TIFTAF $20.00 to our $30.00 for a gift certificate to anything in R&L Airgun Supply Inc. stores. That's right, brothers, that's a toal of $50.00 all together!

    Hey, hey, hey! L-O-O-K-I-N-G GOOD!

    A $50.00 value!

    The next prize is from yours truley:Admin, AKA Abda and noneother than the Squirrel Shooter himself, AKA Squirrel by sign on here, the least knoledgeable about air guns on the planet, me! Ta-Da!

    Up for your viewing pleasure next is a Hornady GS-1500 Electronic Powder Scale
    Drawing Anouncement! Hrdayscale

    It's brand new, still in the vacum paced shrink wrap from the day it got to me from Midway in the mail. Some history on this one is that I'd looked EVERY where to get this one and couldn't find it. Well, I could find it but no one had it. Buggers! So, I back ordered one on the promise it would get tom in a week.

    Yea, right . . . it got to me alright: Almost TWO solid months after I'd already forgotten it and bought one from Cabela's! So, when it came to me, I actually thought it was something else and, without looking at to long, tore into the packaging and there it was, something that confused the Sam Hill out of me! But I went through my records, found it was a legitimate purshcase so I couldn't go back on it---even if they would I wouldn't. Just not my nature to do things that way so now I have it, still, and ready for some lucky drawing winnner!

    Also, from TIFTAF someplace in these prizes will be still packaged and new 2 sets of Beeman Scope Hight Mounts Model 5031 shown in this link to PA
    That's enough to do TWO Air Guns,fellas, not just one and a vaule of $57.00 A PIECE just so we have our understanding correct.
    That's a total of $114.00 in Scope mounts!

    And a GRAND TOTAL OF OVER $300.00 in retail cost in prizes!

    I bought these for myself but it is going to be a very long time before I can swing the cost of the next three scopes I want and when that time comes around, I'll swing the cost of new ones then. Besides, I don't know if I'll actually *need* high mounts for these next three Air Guns that are now scopeless in my current herd. So, for a long time they'd just be collecting dust and really need to find a good home!

    I've not decided yet if I'm goint to just give away my little and twice used G4 hand pump. That may come into the mix as well. I guess how good a mood I'm in that day. So, if you need one, best be nice to me during that time!

    Well, brothers, this is about it for now. I'm open to comments and suggestions about how we should go about with our drawings such as should they be one at a time, one drawing that gets bigger the more one post at a time members post a one time post in the drawing thread yet to be created, etc.

    cheers Spread the word, we're giving stuff away! cheers .

    But you have to be a member and you have to post to get it!

    These are great deals! With all that is being offered, the only thing one would need is the Air Gun to mount on all the equipment and Randy at R&L Airgun Supply Inc. is just the guy to help you get one!

    Dont forget to observe the poll at the top of this thread!

    Special thanks to Randy: If he had lady parts I'd kiss him!

    I've had a few. Now I've only got two.
    It's all I really need!


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