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    Rules for www.airgunsinc.org


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    Rules for www.airgunsinc.org Empty Rules for www.airgunsinc.org

    Post by Abda on Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:20 pm

    Rules for www.airgunsinc.org ProsternSpecial thanks to Anothny266 (Tony of Talon Tunes) for granting us rights to use pretty much the same rules that is used on the TAG. Thanks Tony!

    1. Have a good time.

    2. Don't act like a jerk.

    3. If you are a very and overly sensitive human being and are easily offended you are in the wrong place.

    4. If something needs to be deleted or edited it will be.

    5. If a Troll appears and causes trouble his posts will be edited to express his love and fondness to us all.

    6. Those who run this forum may enforce and break the rules at will. Suspect

    7. And last but not least: If you find a good link, if you stumble across a good deal, if you have surfed your way to a good piece of advice or write up, even if nothing to do with air guns or archery, you MUST POST IT HERE! Very Happy

    All joking aside, we can't FORCE you to share what you find eslewhere but what we CAN do is be sure you know it is something that we not only approve of, but highly encourage. If it means that you have to sign up for membership at another site OR something that requires a little something for the great deal, no matter where it is from be it another air gun forum or what have you, it's perfectly fine to post links to it here. Information is free and if you can find it here then we've done our job!

    There *is* and please see the Code of Conduct you are urged to read in the forum. But follow the above and you should find the code of conduct nothing more than a tool to further understand our thinking here.


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